The Vision

Since the post-election violence of 2007/2008 the importance of peace- building in Kenya has been revealed, and now many local and international organisations are focusing on issues of peace. Through a network of peace-orientated organisations working in the Kisumu region, we want to bring the individual actors together to organise a joint-venture activity.

As Kisumu is often at the centre of regional conflicts, either in reality or as portrayed in the media, the City is an excellent location for a peace festival, for the local population and Kenya as a whole. The intention is that the festival will bring all communities together, including those outside the region, and mark a point of change in the thinking of both the Kisumu citizens and Kenyans.

Celebrating peace in Kisumu through a peace festival will have many far-reaching benefits. The most obvious is that by providing a platform and structure through which people can demonstrate their support and desire for peace this will inevitably result in fewer outbreaks of violence. Living in peace is a universal good which every person, at each level of society, benefits from.

  • Greater levels of investment to begin flowing into the City;
  • Greater employment opportunities, directly and indirectly;
  • Increased tourism;
  • Development of Kisumu and Kenyan civil society;
  • Networking between the NGOs, which will ultimately strengthen their work;
  • Increased number of NGOs locating in Kisumu.

We believe that the Kisumu Peace Festival will put Kisumu at the forefront of peacebuilding and reconciliation in Kenya.

And so we invite all who want to join in our dream of a more peaceful future.


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