Photo Gallery II

Friday 5th and Saturday 6th August 2011 

The Boda Boda Rally


Teamwork was essential









Some tricky obstacles had to be mastered


We can surely trust our skilled bicylce-taxi riders!








The Peace Forum took place at the Kisumu Hotel


Some entertainment for the delegates of the Peace Forum









The Religious Leaders met for an Inter-Religious-Dialogue


Joining hands for peace in Kisumu









Street Boys showcase their talent in an impromptu performance


During the festival the citizens had the opportunity to attend free workshops and get information on peace issues









Kituo Cha Sheria offered free legal advice to anybody who needed it



Storymoja offered a peace workshop for children










The British Council offered a workshop for young entrepreneurs


Onyango Alemo entertains the crowd with his music











Saturday's Youth Football Tournament was organised by KYFA


The teams comprised of boys, girls and special needs children









A street boy contortionist


The declaration of the Peace Forum is read by Audi Ogada









The prize giving took place during the Closing Ceremony


The first prize in the Boda Boda Rally was a brandnew bicycle








Mary Onyango of the National Cohesion and Integration Commission officiated the Closing Ceremony


The entertainment during the Closing Ceremony came from Kenge Kenge...








... and Dola Kabarry









An estimated 20'000 to 25'000 people attended the three-day festivities

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