Kisumu Peace Festival is a joint initiative with partners from a variety of areas.

The Steering Committee of the KPF 2011

(from left to right:)

Joseph Owuondo, CIAG-K; Verena Swardt, Festival Manager; Dennis Menya, YOREf-K;

Serge de la Rey, STIPA/zfd; Domnic Ouma-Odipo, DPC; Hannah Clifford, KAS

(missing on the picture are:)

Rachelle Strawther-Okumu, KYFA; Michael Pundo, Department of Culture; Ingo Stang, Chemchemi Ya Ukweli/zfd


Please see below for the details of the partners working on the festival.

Support for Tropical Initiatives in Poverty Alleviation (STIPA) is a local NGO based in Kisumu City. The main objective of STIPA is to alleviate poverty amongst the rural poor by using and promoting locally available resources. This it does through implementation of community based programmes namely: Single Parents, Community Based Health Financing, HIV/AIDS Prevention and Men Empowerment projects. The latest STIPA project is the Community Peace Programme (CPP) which currently concentrates its activities on Kisumu City and which initiated the Kisumu Peace Festival.

The aim of the Civil Peace Service is to contain the outbreak of violence without resorting to arms, in doing so reinforcing civil structures for peaceful conflict resolution. The programme started in 1999. Since then, specially-prepared experts have been sent to crisis areas, supporting local partner organisations in: preventing violent conflicts from erupting; resolving conflicts peacefully, and; building structures following conflicts which help to secure long-term peace.

The Konrad Adenauer Stiftung is a political foundation, closely associated with the Christian Democratic Union of Germany (CDU). KAS cooperates with governmental institutions, political parties, civil society organizations and handpicked elites, building strong partnerships along the way. In particular they seek to intens

ify political cooperation in the area of development cooperation at the national and international levels on the foundations of their objectives and values.

 Community Initiative Action Group-Kenya (CIAG-K) is a network  of 143 local organisations and 23 individuals in Nyanza province.  For the past two years CIAG-K has been involved in social audits  of local leadership, public resource use, and in the management of  early and basic education in the region. It has also been engaged in an advocacy campaign to protect community livelihoods within the Lake Victoria wetlands.

Youth Reconciliation Forum of Kenya (YOREF-K) is a  national civil society organisation established on the  backdrop of the December 27th 2007 post election violence as a platform to campaign and champion initiatives that would bring about peace and reconciliation. YOREF-K is an organization that represents primarily the interests and issues of Kenyan Youth, with the main goal of empowering them economically, socially and politically. The Society is also involved in policy making and advocacy in programs concerning the youth.

The District Peace Committee, which falls under the National  Steering Committee on Peacebuilding and Conflict  Management, is a community-driven approach to peace  building and conflict management under a government- community partnership, drawing its members from the sub- locations up to the district level. Its aim is that of conflict management in the district through the use early warning sensitization plus fostering of the development within the region.

Kisumu Youth Football Association (KYFA) is a community-based organization that has been organizing football competitions in the greater Kisumu area since 2004. With an established network of coaches, referees, team managers and first-aiders, KYFA holds regular competitions for nearly 2,000 boys and girls aged 8 to 18 every year from March to October. KYFA builds its programmes on the premises that sport can contribute to the overall well-being of a child and can assist them in becoming contributing members of society.

Chemchemi Ya Ukweli is a Swahili translation for Wellspring of Truth. CYU is an Inter-Faith Trust established in 1997 by religious leaders who were concerned about growing level of violence. CYU Trust is currently held by trustees drawn from the various religious and non religious organizations spread across the country and exists to reduce the levels of violence in Kenya to attain a sustainable culture of peace.

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