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Important KPF Announcement for KPF 2014!!!


The Kisumu Peace Festival is an initiative begun at the beginning of 2011, when four local organisations, with the support of two international organisations, joined hands to organise Kisumu’s first peace festival. Since then the original organisations have been joined by a number others, who together are the working partners of the Kisumu Peace Festival.

The Kisumu Peace Festival is a non-profit, non-partisan and non-political movement which began in Kisumu, but which seeks to promote peace in and around Kisumu and to spread the peace message across Kenya and East Africa.

To make the festival become a reality, the partners reached out to the community, the government, institutions, non-governmental organisations and businesses to gain the support needed. Rather than being a commercial event sponsored by a corporate giant, the Festival is supported from all levels and sectors of Kenyan society. This means that the Festival truly belongs to the people of Kenya and can remain true to the original vision.

The Kisumu Peace Festival is registered as a Cultural Practitioner with the Department of Culture.